As more and more people are buying smart phones there days, the number of apps for these phones is also rising. Now, major companies all over the world have apps, which mean a rise in the number of customers and rise in profits. Now one might wonder that these are major companies with no end to resources. How does a common person benefit from making an app? Well, even small apps can generate some amount of money. And it can even lead to more profits if the app becomes popular. This is where this book comes in. One does not need to have done a complete course in technology to develop an app of their own choice; all they need to do is read the right things. “Head First Android Development” is definitely the book to read. This book is a shining guide for anyone who doesn’t have any experience in the field of App Development. It will take the reader through a step by step process of developing their idea into a reality and just the way they want it. It will teach the reader how to design the interfaces, structure the app and create databases among other processes as well.

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